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In recent years, the effects of climate change on proper functioning of the ocean system are evident. This program is proposed because: (1) biological resources of the ocean have been and will be the main targets for biotechnological applications, (2) there is a dire need in industry for researchers with a marine biotechnology background, and (3) multi-disciplinary collaboration is encouraged between principle investigators (PIs) of National Taiwan Ocean University and Academia Sinica. The Ministry of Education has approved the enrolment of PhD students in 2015. PIs from both institutions will be jointly responsible to supervise the students on projects related to aquatic biotechnology.

Program Objectives

With the main objective of developing marine biotechnology-related industrial applications, this program offers professional and innovative courses on marine resource development and application so as to encourage students to transform the knowledge obtained from the courses into practices. Sustainability of marine bioresources is the ultimate goal.

Research Focus

  1. Fish Molecular Physiology
  2. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  3. Extreme Environment And Extremophiles
  4. Prevention Of Diseases Of Marine Animals And Vaccine Development
  5. Marine Bioresource And Material Development

Cooperate with Academia Sinica