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Required Course

I.Required Course

Course Categories

Course Title Credit 1st year 2nd year 3rd year remark
1st sem. 2nd sem. 1st sem. 2nd sem. 1st sem. 2nd sem.  
Program required courses Marine Biotechnology 3 3            
Seminar 2 1 1         3rd
Academic Research Ethics Education 1   0         4th
Laboratory Rotation 0     1       5th
Thesis 12         6 6  
Required credits overall 18 4 1 1   6 6  
Selective credits overall 12              
The minimum credits of graduation 30              
  1. Seminar will be launched in 1st and 2nd semester in Academia Sinica and NTOU individually.
  2. Lab Rotation will be launched in Academia Sinica and NTOU individually that the overall is 1 credit. And the course will be placed in the curriculum schedule of 2nd year in practice, students will gain the credit after 1st semester finishes.
  3. Seminar both in Academia Sinica and NTOU individually.
  4. Follow Online courses, please elective on “Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE)”.
  5. Both semesters study in Academia Sinica and NTOU individually.

II.Elective Course

  1. Elective courses are 12 credits, including 2 courses of TIGP, and Ph.D. courses and also joint courses of Ph.D. and Master courses in NTOU.
  2. The list of elective courses has to be approved and signed by the advising supervisor that grants permission of accumulating graduation credits.
  3. TIGP course schedulehttps://asdp.sinica.edu.tw/curriculum.htm